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Are you an ANIMATED person?

If you've ever seen those moving ads on the side of your email provider, or seen a pop up game that you never heard of but it caught your eye when you were browsing your favourite website? Well, there's a free, easy way to make these yourself - using them in everything from Instagram stories, to Tik Tok, to Facebook boosted posts for your own business. Animated posts really are effective because they're simply operating like a small TV show. They tell a story in two seconds, and people can INSTANTLY recognise what they're all about with one glance. The ones that intrigue me are the ads that have a playable game inside of them, where if you play the demo for a short time you'll be taken to the actual developer to download that app. Without you even knowing it. Animated ads are exceptional and they perform better than static ads because there's more attention on them. There's more movement in them. There's a REASON to look at them, and if you do it right: you can literally take viewers to active participants in your business.

So how do you create them? Well, simply visit - and type in the search bar "animation" as your template to bring up the square animation template. Then, you choose a design you like on the left. Then, you simply play around with animated elements: including adding MORE animated elements such as circles, arrows, paws, animals, AND more. To do this, simply hit the "elements" button on the left hand side, and search for the term "animated," and a TONNE of free animated elements will be present that you can drag and drop into your project.

I've used this to circle text, use explosions beside keywords, highlight websites AND bring attention to a certain line with a coloured arrow. Once you're finished, you simply click "download" and you'll have a small mp4 video that you can upload anywhere videos can be uploaded.

Here's a detailed video preview of how to do this:


This is one of the easiest, coolest and effective marketing tools to use to draw eyeballs to your content - and to get your ideas out there with animated visuals from that simply pop. No matter what style, colours or fonts you want: you can do it all with and your own imagination.

For more, simply visit the canva blog or play around with canva for yourself and get those results for 2020.

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