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Coronavirus and how it changed business and services forever

So: 2020 turned out a little different than we'd hoped as creators. It started off as a year of promise and fortune, but things changed that were out of our control when Covid hit. And the ENTIRE business, church, services and shopping industry changed entirely. Online shopping became almost the exclusive way to buy things, people panicked and bought out essentials, Zoom became the most profitable and well known video streaming and meeting app ever despite it's security issues: and YOU the designer and creator got stuck in the middle! Not to fear. I get it. Business slowed for me too. But as Covid allowed more opportunities for video chats, socially distant meetings and more personal time - it actually made people realise how important others were. That we really don't have anything left if material things are taken away except our souls and each other. And that's a blessing. Covid taught us all that we MUST lean on each other and our God for help during this pandemic, and I want to help you set up those connections so that they work.

How? By utilizing what you already do and shifting it more into the virtual or postal space. Our church went online for 8 weeks when Covid hit. We self produced entire services over the web and live chatted during church using YouTube and Messenger. This had NEVER ever been done before in our conservative congregation. And it was a blessing. It wore off after around 4 weeks, but it allowed us to at least see each other and worship in a different way that otherwise would've totally disappeared.

Things like this when people are pushed to be creative help us expand our talents and skill sets into unknown territory - but it's worth it! Our Bible study went onto Google Meet and it literally means that ANY out of town folks who normally cannot get to a study can drop in and pray together & study Acts together with zero lag and crisp audio as if we're at a table. We know it's not the same, but man without it we'd be absolutely lost.

So how can you shift your own product or service online further this year? How can you elevate this pandemic into something good for your people without going bankrupt? There's always a way, and I'd love to hear your story and help you through.

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