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  • Luke Goddard

How to grow your YouTube audience

So you've uploaded your first video ever, done all of the steps listed in my checklist... and you're waiting for the views to kick in. Well, there's something vital that's revolutionised the way we tag our content that has given us a bigger reach to a wider audience from already established channels: and it's simple.

TAG. BIG. CHANNELS. Once you've done your tagging through then you should add at least 3 big channels you follow in this section as your link from their suggested videos screen! It's one of the best ways to drive traffic from someone else's platform without being annoying and simply asking people to subscribe straight from the comments section (which is a HUGE no-no when it comes to best practice).

This method lets you leverage big youtube channels to your advantage without resorting to pestering and stalking. Which is always a good thing. For more best practices for YouTube and all things branding - keep it here on the Breathe In Designs blog, and if YOU want your very own YouTube channel - I'm right here for you! Drop me a message and we'll chat about your channel - what you want to talk about on it - your style - your content strategy and how to get eyeballs on your videos natively the right way in 2019.

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