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YouTube tagging? Made easy!

So you've got your content, you've made your thumbnail, and you've got to that all important tags section in YouTube and you wonder: what do I type in here so that my videos get in front of eyeballs? There's really no easy way to type this up. You're sweating. You almost close your laptop. But wait. There's an answer. We need to be able to post tags with one click. And makes this possible. Just visit the page, and you'll be greeted with a great splash screen that presents two buttons. Just click on "use tools for free" and then there's one more screen. We simply need to type in a phrase that best relates to your content that's relatable. So if you're a barista, type in "coffee making" or "how to blend coffee" or "latte art," or WHATEVER your topic is. If you're a fashion creator, then type exactly what your video was about. We often type "Australian large family," or "large family shopping haul," or "costco in Australia." All you have to do after this is click "copy" and the tags will be in your clipboard. Then you simply go back to your video and right click, then paste them into the tags section. They'll be formatted for you, and ready to publish. BUT you should also add 3 more tags to your video. And it's here I'd suggest that you tag 3 BIG youtube channels that you watch, with a comma between them, and then YOUR video will pop up in suggested videos on THEIR channels. This is a massive game changer for us and will work for you, because you're leveraging bigger channels to funnel traffic to yours, and if you comment around twice a week on one of these channels, you'll be in the minds of those who watch these channels too.

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