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Design trends in web design for 2019

Alot of people wonder what on earth is going on in the web design world when they see that sliders on the top menu are gone, logos are now moving, and video is king when it comes to storytelling and getting messages across in the marketing world. But I'm here to clarify exactly WHAT each new trend brings, and where it's going this year!

Number One:

Serif fonts. Even though these have - because of big tech and phone companies - almost been stomped out of reach, serif fonts are making an organic, fun and much needed comeback! They have charm, purpose, and a "book charm" that sans serif simply cannot compete with. Mailchimp did it with their re-brand, and my favourite file transfer service called "we transfer" also greets you with fun and inventive font choices. Using these in your designs will bring charm, warmth, fun and life back into your logos, print and web material.

Number Two:

Glitch Art. This can come in many forms: from glitching countdowns, to glitching photography, to using glitch editing on your logos. The twisted horror nature of this art form appeals to that popular supernatural themed crowd that loves conspiracies, Twilight and vampire fiction. And it looks awesome too. There's plenty of free Android apps that will let you do this, and I can apply some of these effects to your videos also if you want a full solution for your brand.

Number Three:

Geometric shapes. Instead of minimalist design only, designers are going for crazy, asymmetrical shapes for their logos, backgrounds and even their website strips to give their pages more of an organic, lively feeling. This is a backlash towards the nothingness that minimalism sometimes brings to the table when designing a web page, and breathes new life into the space without taking away from the content. Optus, Telstra and Vodafone have all done this in their ad campaigns in many ways, and you can too!

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