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Want to send large files by email for free? Here's how

So you're trying to attach a document, or some video - to an email to a friend or someone at work. But when it's uploaded you get the dreaded message "this file is too large, try sending it as a OneDrive link," and you then proceed to hit your head into a wall in frustration that your email provider doesn't allow you to upload very large files past around 25mb. And then you're stuck. Well, these three large file transfer services will help you along your way to send secure, encrypted, large files of up to 20gb completely free to as many people as you'll ever need!

Number one: We Transfer : This provider has a cool aesthetic, great service and lets you attach up to 20gb of data for free to as many people as you'd like in one sitting! Simply type your email addresses into the address bar, and attach your files with the big + icon, and type your email and message below. You can password protect your data, and the company is super fun and has a great art style.

Number Two: pCloud transfer: This service is free, and fully encrypted when sending data across, and lets you send up to 5gb free up to 10 email addresses. It's fast, and easy to use with a drag and drop interface.

Number Three: Filemail this unique transfer service can be integrated into your website with a HTML code that allows file transfers straight from a link, and lets you transfer up to 50gb for free, with download links available for up to 7 days (then they're deleted). It automatically encrypts your data, and is a Godsend for designers, creatives, musicians, churches and videographers looking to share files bigger and better than standard email providers. Use these in your projects and let me know how you find them! And if you know of any other better services, let me know!

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